Car Repair in Copthorne | Benefits Associated with Our Services

At the Rowfant Garage, we understand the element of inconvenience that comes with taking your vehicle to the garage. Be it for interim or full car servicing, your yearly MOT testing, engine diagnostics checks for engine sub-system faults or any kind of car repairs, there’s always some form of disruption to daily routines. As a customer-focused company covering Copthorne and the neighbouring areas, we help to lessen this impact with a range of highly beneficial services.

Below, we have taken a closer look at the benefits associated with our garage services, from MOT tests to the latest in engine diagnostics services. As an independent company, we recognise the value of time, so you can rest assured that we never waste yours.

To benefit from our DVSA-accredited MOT testing, reputable car servicing, comprehensive car repairs or any of our other services, please call us on 01342 715 927. For an insight into the quality of our services, please visit the Testimonials page.

Advantages Linked to Our Garage Services

  • Rowfant Garage offers a free vehicle collection and delivery service in the Copthorne area for anyone in need of MOT tests or car servicing. These services remain vital to the safe performance of your vehicle, so we make it as simple as possible for you to have them carried out.
  • Engine diagnostics provide a quick, highly accurate way to diagnose engine sub-system faults. By plugging a specially designed computer into your vehicle’s ECU, we can download the relevant fault codes and immediately isolate the problem. This allows us to move on to the necessary car repairs without delay.
  • Rowfant Garage holds status as a DVSA-approved MOT testing facility for Copthorne motorists. As such, you can rest assured that we provide fair, unbiased and reasonable MOT tests in line with industry standards. Your satisfaction means everything to us, so we do whatever it takes to ensure you leave us happy.
  • Our team has extensive experience with interim and full car servicing. No matter your needs, well-maintained vehicles provide smoother performance and a more economical drive. The work we carry out is identical to the equivalent car servicing by main dealerships, meaning we can preserve your service history and warranty.
  • By visiting our workshop near Copthorne shortly after one of your dashboard lights illuminates, the ensuing engine diagnostics checks help to catch small problems before they develop into bigger problems. Simply ignoring the light and driving on will only worsen the issue, leading to more extensive damage and a larger car repair bill.
  • We carry out MOT testing on class IV, V and VII vehicles. This covers the majority of domestic and commercial vehicles on the roads of Copthorne and West Sussex. What’s more, we perform MOT tests on dedicated bays, meaning you never have to wait for a space to become available.
  • Whether related to your car servicing, MOT testing or engine diagnostics checks, or on an emergency basis following an accident, we provide a complete range of car repairs. We use Snap-On tools and OEM parts, ensuring results that comply with manufacturer standards.

If you live or work in Copthorne and would like more information about car repairs, MOT tests, car servicing or any of our other services, call 01342 715 927.